Kahit yung langaw hindi rin makapaniwala

alam ko na alam mo na naging viral ang kinginang inexhume na bangkay na yumaong sikat na actress noong dekada otsenta na si Claudia Zobel at hindi ako makapaniwala sa mga nababasa kong comments slash kagaguhan slash smart ass wanna be slash  kupal na mga taong walang magawa sa buhay kundi ang magpahayag ng kanilang shameless senseless opinions na katulad ko.

Katulad na lang nito:

Si kuya proud na relihiyoso, kaya naman ito napagtripan nya ipost:

Dear Friends:
The death of Claudia Zobel, a young bold star in the Philippine cinema during the 80′s is an example of what the bible said:”Death comes like a thief in the Night”.. In other words , it does not choose whether you are young or old but the question of this issue is: Did Claudia Zobel were able to repent her sexual shows in the movie as it was banned due to it’s sexual exploitation when the accident occurred? or is she save? Did she has the chance to repent during that fatal accident? as she was declared death upon arrival in the hospital? It is apparently bogus that she wasn’t able to repent as the death and unconsciousness happened so quick like TWINKLE OF AN EYE SO TO SPEAK. The lessons we learn here is that we need to be prepared always by running or getting out of habitual sins becoz Hell is real and the bible said that the wicked or evil doer will be snatched here on earth and be thrown to hell were pain is unending. The question I wanted to challenge you is are you ready to face Judgment of God when you die today. Two thousand years ago God sent His son Jesus Christ to save us all for those who believe and by turning away from all known sins in order to be saved.. But the story of claudia zobel is very frightening thing to me personally as death caught her coming from a disco or night spot and obviously there was no repentance in my opinion as the movie she portray is like the a shameless woman who does sexual fornication abd this is not new because there is a prophesy mentioned in the book of Genesis where the where a shameless women whose god is the Sex without marriage but purely fornication and adultery and the bible says that anyone who does it will be punish in hell.. Therefore let us all repent now while there is time left for us coz if you don’t then one day you will be like claudia zobel where death caught her by surprise”..

Ang pakelamerong kupal:
Nabasa mo ba Roma 6:7 & 23 parekoy kasi talo mo pa Judge sa korte kung humusga ka, patay na yun tao, binubuhay mo pa kasalanan nya?
the other kupal:
kapatid ok na sana ung verse pero ikaw yata ang hindi na kaka intindi ng binabasa mo. try mo basahin lahat ang buong chapter 6 hindi lng ang verse 7 at verse 23. and by the way tama ang lahat ng sinabi nya.
the bitch:

LUKE 6:37 Judge Not, and you shall not be Judged. Condemn Not and you shall not be condemned, Forgive and you shall be Forgiven..
huwag po kayong maghusga sa kapwa . Hindi po kayo dios para maghusga,.
And the whore:

Ba’t nyo alam na nasa hell c Claudia?? sinundan nyo po bah sya????
Isip2x din pag my time ha.. 30 yrs. na po patay yung tao .. e pray nyo nlang po sya… 
Pero ito ang matindi:

your English is horrible. I’m sure you were not aware of it when you wrote your comments. Next time you write something in English, have someone go over it for corrections. Otherwise, you just write in Tagalog. 
At ang may puso:

At least it was not “tag-lish” or “SMS speak”. Everytime I hear those I just want to hit the individual (Kris Aquino I’m looking at you…..)
Speak English if you want. Mag Tagalog (o Bisaya, o Cebuano etc.) ka kung ‘di mo kaya ngunit huwag mong paghaluin ang dalawa.
Nabababoy and dalawang napakagandang wika…. 


eto ay isang malaking kagaguhan....

Heto ang Kwento

R.I.P Claudia Zobel.