SMP blog award

*sniff*  I would like to thank Ms. Anne for giving me this award for nominating me as one of her Super Mr. Popular (SMP), Ms. Maria the creator of this lovely award and my fellow blogger friends for making my blogging life completely happy.   *sniff* it's beautiful...

And because its 13 days to go before Christmas, 13 awesome bloggers will have this award.                                                                                 

Super Mr. Popular Award goes to:

Overthinker Palaboy  of  afterthoughts
Chee of Going Guderian
Inong of kumonoy
Olivr of the BEAT BOX
Pao kun of To infinity and beyond! Pangkalawakan!
Gord of Crumpled Papel
Anthony of FREE TO PLAY

Super Miss Popular Award goes to:

batang_gala09 of BatangGala 
CheeNee of kwentong palaka
Keizha of Memoir's of Keizha
Engineer Mikay of Enhinyerang blogger
Nyabachoi of Mga Kwento ni Nyabach0i
iya_khin of when she cries...


1. Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Whose local/foreign celebrity would you want to play you?

local si Derek / foreign si Jay Chou of course! kahit isang malaking nganga ang buhay ko, gusto ko yung taong papapel sa akin ay yung kaugali ko.

2. You get to become a villain for a day from a Disney movie. Which villain are you?

pakshet, Disney villain talaga? si Jafar siguro yung badass na mukang kambing sa Aladdin.
3. Aside from family, what's your greatest accomplishment in life?

natututong mag-hungarian. o ha, greatest accomplishment ko yan.  one of the hardest language. kinerry ko ng bigtime!
4. In your own views, what's the spirit of Christmas?

   Spirit of Christmas para sa akin ito yung time na nagmamahalan yung mga tao sa isa't isa. kahit na kaaway mo man sya o karibal sa pag-ibig.

Answer the same questions I answered above.
Choose your Super MR. Popular and Super MISS Popular who you want to give this award. (Maximum of 15 people)
Copy the questions above or you may create a new question you want to ask them.
Don't forget to send me the link of your post so I can see it, too.