female friend Bandhobi

     One movie down today. Seriously, this movie blown my mind.  One of the most interesting movie I had ever watched  in my 23 years of living here in this bloody world. If you can't bear realism movie like this, then you can watch another movie. This movie is a story about growing pains and the meeting point of different cultures. Rebellious 17 year old teenager Min-seo (Bae Jin-hee) finds a missing wallet but is caught by the owner, migrant worker Karim from Bangladesh. She tries to dissuade him from reporting her to the police by offering to grant him a favor, and reluctantly agrees to help track down his former boss who owes him one years pay.

     While watching this movie, I realized that when you are open minded, and get to know people from other countries, is like you´ve been in their country for while. People should be intelligent and try to know other cultures, racism is stupid ignorance. (I'm a racist in a way though. haha..)

     This movie is just a nihilistic portrayal,nothing more.It's basically the director's view on the society,and it's an interesting view. But anyway, GREAT MOVIE.

O yeah, I love the part when the girl did a handjob to the bangladesh guy. lol  I can't imagine korean and bangladesh couple together and how is like in reality a baby bangladesh-korean. XD And seriously, dafaq with the bangladesh guy? He speaks fluently korean than his own language. lol! SO KOOL!!