Sayang talaga yung araw na ito. =.=  Alam mo yung planadong planado ka ng pumunta sa museum ngayon dahil you don’t have a class tapos pagdating mo doon nabasa mong  „We are closed on Monday”.  =.= seriously? da faq! ano toh? kelan pa? I mean maiintindihan ko pa kung linggo kayo sarado dahil weekend pero seriously MONDAY?  And I was planning to visit two museum and both of them are closed!

I'm planning to visit this musem

Contemporary Art Museum of Budapest Kunsthalle Budapest (Műcsarnok)

and this museum.

I have this subject called Eco-History and our beautiful lovely Professor gave us a task to write an essay report regarding to our selected topic from the rich exhibits of the museum. And because my Professor and my classmates already been in the museum last week and I am one of those students who still do not go yet, I need to have the signature and the stamp of the receptionist to prove that "I was there". ya...
At alam mo yung masaklap? This will be my 10 years of living here in the city and I never realize that museums here are closed on Monday.  Cy, seriously why u no pay attention? SHAME ON YOU!