Ng mag-inglish ang probinsyanong pinoy.

     Hi blog of mine! How are you?  OMG, it's JUNE ALREADY!!!  I can't believe I didn't post any crap this May. Seriously??  What happened?! o.O??

     To tell the truth I was busy with my OJT and I always going home late. When I'm home, I always feel tired and I just watch something and sleep right away. Speaking of OJT, this is my fourth month already in my industrial placement and so far I'm enjoying and like it. I don't know if I mention it already but I'm doing my training in Intercontinental Budapest Hungary. I'm in the F&B sector and specifically I'm currently in the club department.

      I know what you are thinking right now but it's not that. hehe.. It's a Club Lounge.  A wide range of exclusive services, including private check-in and check-out, dedicated concierge services, private buffet breakfast, all day refreshments, pre-dinner drinks, snacks, business centre facilities and wifi are available.  Perfect for social or business interactions, as well as providing a peaceful hideaway at any time of the day for InterContinental guests in Budapest.

     So yeah, basically that's that.  Here are some photos of Club Lounge of Intercontinetal Budapest:

and of course not to forget the hotel itself so here it is:


putting aside my OJT, and all my schooling thingy, I am super duper hyper homesick already!!  you read it right. I AM SUPER DUPER HYPER HOMESICK ALREADY!! >___________<   I wanna go home and see my family and friends. To tell the truth, I'm saving already money to go to Philippines but I don't know for how long I have a patience to save. It's too boring to save money. You're putting aside all the stuffs that you want to buy just for the sake of saving. FUCK IT!  But I know I will make it. I just need to be patience.   that's right, I'm so gonna be fucking be patience. Seriously...... I just wanna enjoy my life. I want to be alone already. I don't need someone who always ordering me do this and do that. Ya I know I'm a bad person. I know I should be a good person for my parents. =.="  whatever...


So what happened today?

This morning:
because I didn't eat properly this morning, I went to "CHINESE MARKET" just to eat. And you know what's so weird and crazy? IT'S SO FAR AWAY and I went there JUST TO EAT. Now you can imagine how crazy I was just to eat there. And why did I go there?

Just to eat this
and this.
with matching soya milk and sweet black bean drink as a dessert. 

DAMN! I really do know how to live!  ;))  LOL!  I just love foods better than iphone or any bullshit electronics you can offer to me. (WHEEEEE?!!)

This afternoon:
 I met again one of my friends from homeland who came here in Budapest to study and yes he's with his russian girlfriend (also my friend). Well, we're all friends to begin with but miracle happened and BOOM! they ended up falling inlove with each other and I was like a third wheel. We planned to go to Szentendre but unfortunately it's raining so we decided to stay in the city and go hang around and do some shopping.  And as usual I became so talkative and ask to many lame questions that it's very duh and being cool also in some way. hehe..  whatever cy...  we know you are a lame person.  lol! 


Today I just finished watching 통증 (Tong-jeung) also know as Pain/Pained. It was a 2011 movie and it was all about a love story between a man with analgesia (inability to feel pain) and a woman with a hemophilia (in which the blood fails to clot normally because of a deficiency or an abnormality of one of the clotting factors.) 

I don't want to be spoiler so if you still don't watch this please do and for those of you out there who already watched this you knew how great this movie was.

So yeah basically that's all what happened today. And yeah that's it for the mean time. Time to post this and time to convert some videos for later to watch and will go now to take a bath.^.^