This morning:

Colleague:  Cy, yesterday someone's looking for you.

Me:  Huh? really?  who?

Colleague:  You remember the K.I.C. who went here last week?  A lady was looking for you.

Me: A lady?

Colleague: Yah, yesterday before she leave she's asking me where are you. She's asked me " Hello, do you know  where is the asian guy?"   The japanese guy? "-

Me: I'm what? (already know who's the lady)  (laughing with a big smile on the face surprisingly someone called him a japanese.)  big deal e noh? CHOS!   (normally people will call me "chinese guy" since here in this country where i'm now asian people for them are all looks chinese.  Too bad for you if you're thai, indonesian, cambodian, vietnamese etc. you are still chinese.

Colleague:  she didn't know you're a filipino so yah.  And because she found out that you were not here she gave me this letter. Weeeeeeew!!!!!   CY!   I wonder what's inside of the envelope. Love letter? yah, no doubt.  A love letter that she even used a lipstick to kiss it. (laughing while talking)O yah, since you were not here yesterday, I gave it to our boss. Our boss will give it you later

I thought my colleague was just joking because there's no way it will happen for me  that someone's looking for me again to say "thank you" and then..

This afternoon: 

Boss: Hey Cyron, a letter for you. Open it later huh. Not now.
Cyron:  Okay.

After my duty, I went to our exchange room and because I'm so curious what's inside of the envelope, I couldn't help but open it. (planning to open it after I come home but yah..  FAILED!!) 

And guess what's on the envelope?  A business card of her and a small token of her appreciation for what I've done.  I thought there will be letter but there was none.  Sigh* But hey, it's a business card! It's a big deal!! (yah.. only for me) But still, I am so very very happy right now because someone really appreciated my effort and also I'm proud of myself for being me. This really completed my day today. sya sige tama na ang english, kakanosebleed na.