How is me today?

Eto, okay lang. kahit hindi. sigh* what a day again. well nothing really special today, it`s just normal gloomy day in a normal winter season. and ya, well i started my day today with full of worries and sadness. i didn`t really sleep well since last night i was thingking of my bebe so much that i dreamed  a lot of  bad scenarios to our relationship.  but i hope it doesn`t happen. ya i know, i need to be optimistic.

so yah, as usual  plurking and fb-ing was my breakfast then i went to the market to buy some foods that i will eat for the next following days. and as usual a lot of weird people again. teka, bakit  nga ba ako nag-iinglish  e marunong akong mag-tagalog? okay whatever. so yah. i finished it. i ate 2 slices of pizza  at lunch then i went out to go to the bookstore to look some books to read. but unfortunately i didn`t find any interesting books to read so i just went to Mc. Donalds to chill. i wasn`t that really hungry so i just bought small hot tea and sit on the corner downstairs. i turned on my ipod and scroll down to podcast and listen to Good Times with Mo.   for those of you out there if you`re not familiar Good Times With Mo is a morning radio show on Magic 89.9 and Killerbee around the Philippines, hosted by Mo Twister (Mohan Gumatay), Mojo Jojo (Joseph Paul Pacis Javier), Grace Lee (Lee Kyung Hee) and Angelicopter (Angelika Schmeing-Cruz) every monday to thursday from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on magic 89.9.  thanks to my good friend who introduced this to me. i really learned and laughed a lot.

so ya. i spent my time there until i ran out of tea. while starring at the space and day dreaming, i decided to call one of my friends to waste my time since i was kinda not in the mood of doing nothing today. and just like that we bla bla bla too much, walk too much, eat too much etc. by the time we checked the time it`s quarter to five at night already.  we went to church for the english mass at five o`clock and finished at six. surprisingly  i met some of my filipino friends that i haven`t seen for a while.but you know what sucks?  i couldn`t greet all of them. too bad. for all of you out there, one fact about filipinos here in hungary is that our community is quite small compare to other countries here in europe. that`s why as much as possible we love to be keep in touch to each others so that if we have problems or anything bad happens we know who and who to look for. so yah, i love the filipino community here in hungary.

and what the heck?!!!!  Maychelle of Moonstar 88 was here in Budapest! i can`t believe pamangkin lang sya ng nakilala kong mag-asawa dito. at hindi ko sya naabutan. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!  KAMOTE! i`m so disappointed to myself. i`m a big fan of her. she was here and i didn`t have a chance to meet her. too late.   huhuhu...